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The online registration process is similar to the face to face process currently in place. The registration form that you will fill out looks very similar to the hand written forms available from the registrar's office or from your academic advisor. When you complete the online registration form, the form is emailed to your academic advisor for review. Once approved by your academic advisor the form is forwarded to the registrar's office.

Security Note: The information that you submit online is secure and is not maintained on our servers.

Select the Humphreys College link to access the current class schedule. The link opens up the Humphreys College website in a new window. Scroll down the left side menu until you come to the "Class Schedule" section and then take the appropriate link to your current schedule.

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The three steps necessary to complete your online registration are:

  1. Select an Academic Advisor from the following list by clicking on the name.
  2. Complete the online registration form, read and fill it out completely and accurately to avoid delays.
  3. Click the "Submit" button

Stockton Campus

Masters Educ Credential
Lib Arts
Community Studies
Human Resource Mgt
ECE Legal Studies Criminal
Court Reporting
Bob Humphreys Donna Roberts Cynthia Becerra Jason Wolins Pam Woods Shauna Brucia Pam Closs
Barbara Coulibaly
 Richard Chabot Linda Rahmoller Beverly Clark Bob Humphreys
Kay Reindl
Jim DeCosta
Leslie Walton Jim DeCosta

Laura Poirier

Modesto Campus

Linda Mottison
Lisa Kooren Shauna Bennett