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Richard C. Chabot, Ph.D.

Humphreys College

Community Studies Program


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Welcome to the virtual reality of Prof. Chabot at Humphreys College. If you have any questions or need to talk to me about anything, feel free to call me at (209) 235-2930 or contact me through e-mail at

 Throughout the quarter you should be able to find me in or around my office every weekday morning.

Scroll down and see the courses Iím currently teaching.  For additional courses underway or to be taught next quarter, go through the collegeís home page or contact me directly...




Responsible for teaching the majority of the social science courses at Humphreys College, I also coordinate our Community Studies Program. Click on the Community Studies link to the left for additional information. 

If you require further information on other programs or Humphreys College, return to the College's main menu at











Course Offering s For Fall 2011

Social Research Methods (CS201)

Introduction to Community Studies (CS101)

Introduction to Sociology (SOC101)


























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