ABLE Charter High School

Welcome to the Humphreys College Academy of Business, Law and Education (ABLE).

Humphreys College has designed the Academy of Business, Law and Education (ABLE) to be a community of learners who appreciate knowledge, cherish the idea of a lifetime of learning and growing as members of a global society, and who embrace the power of responsible citizenship in their homes, their school, and their community.

ABLE Charter High School is dedicated to being an active member of the local business community through work-based and worksite learning related to the individual student's career areas of interest. ABLE also emphasizes real-life, project-based learning in an innovative educational setting. All students will not only obtain an accredited high school diploma but also Humphreys College credits while focusing on a career of their choice through relevant instruction aligned towards, or within, that professional career path or skill. ABLE’s curriculum will also meet the California UC / CSU college entrance requirements.

ABLE students will be given an opportunity to select a career pathway(s) upon their acceptance into the Academy. This style of education has not traditionally been available to the students who have experienced a college campus through an add-on or dual credit experience. Many of the students within our service area do not have the opportunity to attend college after completion of high school because of their socioeconomic status. We anticipate that many of the students we serve will be the first students in their families to obtain a college degree. We believe that we offer to the parents of greater Stockton a well-designed, hopeful, encouraging and productive option for an enriched and meaningful public education followed by a high quality college experience.

The Humphreys ABLE High School opened September 2011. Informational meetings are planned throughout the year to allow parents and students to gain additional information and ask questions regarding the ABLE Charter High School.


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