Calendar & Instruction

The Law School program is a four or five year course of study. Classes are held in the evenings three evenings a week during the regular school year. Classes meet Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6:50 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. There are occasional classes or clinics on Thursday evening or Saturday. Case study and discussion constitute the format of the core subjects. The Socratic Method is the primary vehicle for class presentation. Other courses provide opportunity for library research, mock court practices, and written exercises. Attendance at all class sessions is expected for all students.

The School of Law operates on a quarter system with 12 weeks of instruction each quarter. The academic year, consisting of three quarters, begins in the third week of August and ends in May. A six-week summer quarter offers elective courses. Students are required to take two summer courses. These include Legal Research between first and second years and an elective during any summer. A variety of electives is offered each summer.

There are internships available for credit and clinics where students interact with the public and real legal problems.

The School of Law does consider a late start program each year, depending on applications. The late start program begins with the second quarter and these first year students miss out on summer break and join the earlier starting class in the second year.

Typical Course of Study

Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter
First Year Contracts I Contracts II Contracts III
Torts I Torts II Torts III
Criminal Law I Criminal Law II Legal Writing
Summer Legal Research
Second Year Property I Property II Property III
Civil Procedure I Civil Procedure II Civil Procedure III
Professional Ethics Evidence I Evidence II
Summer **
Third Year Constitutional Law Constitutional Law Constitutional Law
Wills & Trusts I Wills & Trusts II Criminal Procedure
Family Law Community Property *Trial Practice
Summer **
Fourth Year Business Entities Business Entities Business Entities
Remedies I Remedies II
*Alternative Dispute
*Income Tax Advanced Legal Writing **

* denotes electives

** Other electives offered over the four years (past and present) are Appellate Practice and Moot Court, Immigration Law, Intellectual Law, Bankruptcy, Disability (Workers' Comp., SSI, and private plans) Conflicts of Law, Administrative Law, Juvenile Law and a special Advanced Trial Practice which brings experts in major plaintiff practices from around the country for a special six week seminar every second year.

Additionally, third year students who qualify to become a Certified Law Student under the Bar Rules qualify as interns in several government offices and receive credit. These students can even appear in court under supervision.

The College is a partner with the courts in putting on a Small Claims Clinic every month. Here, the students meet with and counsel citizens with real legal problems.

Law Faculty

Humphreys College Laurence Drivon School of Law faculty members include current and retired judges, private practice attorneys from a variety of backgrounds and specialties, attorneys from the District Attorney’s office, the Public Defender’s office, City Attorney’s Office, County Counsel’s Office and the Office of General Counsel of the Department of Corporations for the State of California. Our preference is the adjunct Professor, working attorney, who knows the field.