Directory for Humphreys University Faculty Members & Staff

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Stockton & Modesto Staff

Office Title Name Campus Phone Number
Admissions Director of Admissions Santa Lopez-Minatre Stockton 209-478-0800
Admissions Admissions & Career Counselor Julie Walker Modesto 209-543-9411
Administration Director of Special Projects Wilma Okamoto-Vaughn Stockton 209-235-2906
Administration Director of Administrative Services Carrie Castillon Stockton 209-235-2906
Administration Special Programs Coordinator April Huerta Stockton 209-235-2906
Administration Media & Marketing Coordinator Sandra Dibble Stockton 209-235-2906
Administration Dean of Institutional Research & Director of Modesto Campus Lisa Kooren Modesto 209-543-9411
Computer Services IT Support Specialist Amit Kumar Stockton 209-235-2999
Faculty Dean of Undergraduate Studies Cynthia Becerra Stockton 209-235-2922
Faculty Dean of Graduate Studies Jess Bonds Stockton 209-235-2920
Faculty Department Chair, Criminal Justice Shana Brucia Stockton 209-546-6080
Faculty Professor, Community Studies Richard Chabot Stockton 209-235-2930
Faculty Early Childhood Education, Associate Professor Beverly Clark Stockton 209-235-2938
Faculty Instructor, Court Reporting Pam Closs Stockton 209-235-2941
Faculty Professor, Liberal Arts Crystal Hootman Stockton 209-235-2943
Faculty Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts Linda Mottison Modesto 209-543-9411
Faculty Professor, Court Reporting Laura Poirier Stockton 209-235-2942
Faculty Professor, Accounting/Business Linda Rahmoller Stockton 209-235-2925
Faculty Department Chair, Court Reporting Kay Reindl Stockton 209-235-2931
Faculty Associate Dean/Department Chair, ECE Donna Roberts Stockton 209-235-2934
Faculty Liberal Arts, Professor Leslie Walton Stockton 209-235-2956
Faculty Director, Center for Innovative Teaching Michele Williams-George Stockton 209-235-2923
Faculty Department Chair, Accounting/Business Jason Wolins Stockton 209-235-2927
Faculty Business, Professor Shauna Bennett Modesto 209-543-9411
Faculty Liberal Arts, Professor Linda Mottison Modesto 209-543-9411
Law School Law School Registrar Wendy Campigli Stockton 209-235-2905
Library Associate Dean Donna Roberts Stockton 209-235-2933
Registrar Registrar Maria Garcia-Woodill Stockton 209-235-2902
Registrar Registration Assistant Samphos Pek Stockton 209-235-2902
Registrar Records Technician Kim Hak Stockton 209-235-2902
Student Services Director of Financial Aid Rita Franco Stockton 209-235-2903
Student Services Student Account Specialist Linda Casteel Modesto 209-235-2903
Student Services Student Account Specialist Chia Xiong Stockton 209-235-2903
Student Services Student Account Specialist Mai Xiong Stockton 209-235-2903
Maintenance & Security Director of Facilities & Maintenance Marques Okamoto Stockton 209-478-0800
Maintenance & Security Supervisor, Facilities & Maintenance Armando Huerta Stockton 209-478-0800
Office of the President President Robert Humphreys Stockton 209-478-0800

Stockton Departments

Department Location Phone Number
Administrative Services 200 Building, Room 238 209-235-2906
Admissions Main Building, Room 1 209-478-0800
Admissions, Law Main Building, Room 1 209-478-0800
Computer Services 200 Building, Room 219 209-235-2999
Library & Learning Center 100 Building 209-235-2907
Maintenance & Security 400 Building 209-478-0800
Registrar Main Building, Room 10 209-235-2907
Registrar, Law 100 Building 209-235-2905
Student Services 200 Building, Room 236 209-235-2903

Modesto Departments

Department Location Phone Number
Admissions Main Building, Suite 5A 209-543-9411
Computer Services Main Building, Suite 5A 209-534-9411
Library Main Building, 3A 209-543-9411
Student Services Main Building, Suite 5A 209-543-9411
Maintenance & Security Main Building, Suite 3A 209-543-9411