Faculty & Staff

Together, we make a difference. Whether you are working with students inside or outside the classroom, you are a part of the Humphreys University experience and you are impacting students’ lives. Thank you for the work you do.

Did You Know…

Patrick Piggott
Dean of the Law School

Dean Piggott studied engineering but in the second year of college, he changed his mind.

Did You Know…

Linda Rahmoller
Business Department, Assistant Professor

Linda is a movie buff, except for the horror genre.

Did You Know…

Michele Williams-George
Director, Center for Innovative Teaching

Michele spends her spare time racing sailboats in the bay.

Did You Know…

Santa Lopez-Minatre
Director of Admissions

Santa is an an active golfer. She can hold her ground in racquetball to any man—or woman. She also has a passion for photography.