Reasons to get a Master of Arts Degree in Education

by Jess Bonds, Dean of Graduate Studies

In the field of education, you can never be too knowledgeable. Districts and other employers search for and promote passionate, persevering, and knowledgeable educators because these characteristics form the core of what it takes to be successful in a career that can be one of the most entertaining, challenging, and rewarding.

There are valuable reasons to earn a Master’s of Arts in Education, consider these:


Expand your mind

Our curriculum in the Master of Arts in Education program provides you with more knowledge to bring into the classroom or education office by providing you with more insights and strategies, as well as additional perspectives about teaching, learning, leadership, and research.


Secure higher pay

If you have a master’s degree, you are likely to earn a higher salary. Most districts and other employers pay more for graduate-level units and/or a master’s degree. Earning your master’s degree in education makes perfect sense for educators.


Connect and learn with other educators

In our Master of Arts in Education program, you will take classes with other professional educators. You will learn from them, and they will learn from you. Teachers are excellent at sharing their experiences.


Pump up your prestige

Seeing M.A. Ed. after your name sends a charge through your bones. People look at you differently, show more respect. Not that this is what it’s all about, but it is pretty nice. It means you had the foresight to take the next step, you actually took the next step, and you kept stepping until you reached the end. That means something.


Increase your marketability

A master’s degree in education opens up additional careers in education from administrative positions to professional development trainers. If you want to shift direction, a master’s degree will more than likely put your name near the top of the hire list.

Yes, you’re busy with work, home, meetings, and you want to have some fun too. Humphreys University offers the entire Master of Arts in Education program online so you can make your class schedule work for you. You never have to be online at a specific time. Just get your weekly assignments done sometime during the week, then move on to the next week. Learn more about our Master of Arts in Education program.


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