Why You Should Consider Court Reporting as a Career

Kay Reindl, Court Reporting Department Chair

Why You Should Consider Court Reporting as a Career

Court reporters produce highly accurate records and transcripts of court proceedings, depositions, and hearings that are critical to the administration of justice. Court reporters are an integral part of the judicial process.

There is a current shortage of court reporters across the nation. The high demand provides court reporters with job security and flexibility within the career and your schedule. It is not unusual for court reporters to earn six-figure salaries.


What is the Path to Become a Court Reporter?

In California, you need to pass a certification exam to become licensed as a CSR (Certified Shorthand Reporter).

Humphreys University offers a court reporting program that provides the academic foundation, skills and training that enables students to achieve California State CSR licensure while earning an associate degree. It is offered 100% online. It is approved by the Court Reporters Board of California and the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC).

Completion of the program, along with licensure, will prepare students to work in many different professional positions, such as Official Court Reporter, Freelance Reporter, and State Hearing Reporter. There are many positions open and awaiting new reporters.

Humphreys’ program is rigorous and challenging. It is respected in the court reporting field. The program is proficiency-based, so students will advance at their own pace as long as they meet our schedule of progress benchmarks.