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Court Reporting

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At Humphreys University, we educate motivated and determined students who desire a practical academic program. Our Court Reporting program is designed specifically for busy adults – that’s why we offer our courses online.

Our professors are experts with years of experience in the field. Our professors understand what real-world experience to incorporate into the classroom. Because we keep our classes small – five to twenty students – you get the guidance and support you need to succeed.

The pace of our quarter system makes it easier to juggle the demands of life with each quarter lasting only 11 weeks. All the courses are clearly organized so you know what you need to do each week.

You can start the Court Reporting program at the start of any of our four terms. Our quarters begin early October, January, April, and July. The application process is easy, and counselors are available walk you through the financial aid process.

Court reporters are responsible for producing the official record of legal trials, hearings, and depositions—making them integral to the legal system. Opportunities in this profession go beyond the courtroom to any setting where instant translation is requested. Our Court Reporting program trains students to use an abbreviated method of writing the spoken word on a unique keyboard. With translation software, it is then converted into English text in real time. Trained captioners use this process to provide real time translation for consumers who are deaf and hard-of-hearing.

Program approved by:
Court Reporters Board of California
2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 230
Sacramento, CA 95833

Students in our
Court Reporting
Program will

• Demonstrate a proficiency in the use of general and special terminologies (spellings, definitions, grammar, etc.) that are likely to be encountered in court proceedings, depositions, hearings, and other meetings and/or legal proceedings

• Demonstrate a working knowledge of the computer technology currently in use by court reporters in performing realtime computer-aided transcription

• Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the minimum transcript format standards imposed by the CA Court Reporters Board

• Demonstrate a thorough knowledge and application of current laws, codes, ethics, research resources, and professional standards which apply to the court reporting profession

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Science in Court Reporting (181 Units)

Associate in Arts in Court Reporting (96 Units)

Associate in Arts in Court Reporting with CSR Qualification (128 Units)

Associate in Science in Court Reporting (100 Units) 


To learn more about degree requirements and courses offered in the Court Reporting program, see pages 69-89 in our current Academic Catalog.

Meet Our Faculty


Ms. Reindl is the Chair of Court Reporting. She has been a full-time instructor in the department since 1989. Ms. Reindl has an Associate in Arts in Court Reporting, CSR #6320, and NCRA Certification as Certified Reporting Instructor (CRI).


Ms. Closs in an instructor in the Court Reporting department. She has been an instructor in the Court Reporting Department since 2004 and became a full-time instructor in 2010. She has an Associate in Arts degree in Court Reporting, Bachelor of Arts degree in Paralegal Studies, and NCRA Certification as Certified Reporting Instructor (CRI) and Realtime Systems Administrator (RSA).


Ms. Vaughn is an instructor in the Court Reporting department. She has been an adjunct instructor since 2000. She has an Associate in Arts degree in Liberal Arts, Bachelor of Arts in Music, and CRI Certification.

Why Choose Humphreys University?

Accreditation is important; Humphreys University is accredited by Western Association of Schools & Colleges Senior College & University Commission.

As a non-profit institution, we emphasize community, academics, and affordability, all while giving you the resources you need to succeed.

Courses are conveniently offered online.

Applications for enrollment are accepted all year. Apply soon to begin during one of our upcoming quarters.

Get the aid you need for the degree you want. We offer grants (including Cal Grants), loans, scholarships, and work-study funds for qualifying students.

Support services are provided to all students. Including computer support, tutoring and library services, and career counseling.

Your Future in
Court Reporting

Our programs are designed with your goals in mind. Our Court Reporting graduates can find work anywhere from freelance reporting to broadcast captioning. Your options with a Court Reporting degree are numerous. Consider any of these careers in Court Reporting:

• Judicial Reporter

• Freelance Reporter

• CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) Reporter

• Broadcast Captioner