Master of Legal Studies

Pursue your passion with a Master of Legal Studies (MLS) from Humphreys University.

For students seeking a graduate legal degree and desire to interact professionally with the law.

We are proud to educate motivated, determined and committed students who are seeking an opportunity to study law in a rigorous and intellectually rich environment. We aim to keep legal education affordable and accessible. Our Master of Legal Studies is designed for those who interact professionally with the law, the American legal system, and lawyers, but who are not necessarily seeking to become lawyers themselves. The MLS program can be beneficial to professionals in a variety of fields, including healthcare, law enforcement, compliance, business, education, public administration, government regulation, social services, and any other occupational, vocational, or professional endeavor that involves negotiations, regulations, or working with legal issues.

Students in the MLS program will be able to…

Gain specialized knowledge about the legal system and processes;

Apply reasoning and writing skills to solve legal problems;

Learn to conduct legal research;

Practice legal analysis by examining laws, regulations, and cases.

course of study

Degree Requirements

Our Master of Legal Studies is a 40-unit program. The course requirements generally follow the pattern of the first year of law school, with a focus on contracts and torts. The program can be completed part or full time in one to two years. We accept some law school classes for transfer into the MLS program.

Core Requirements

MLS 300 Introduction to Law/Legal Writing (4 units)
MLS 301 Legal Research and Writing (4 units)
MLS 310 Contracts I (4 units)
MLS 311 Contracts II (4 units)
MLS 312 Contracts III (4 units)
MLS 320 Torts I (4 units)
MLS 321 Torts II (4 units)
MLS 322 Torts III (4 units)

Capstone Elective

Capstone Elective (4 units)


MLS 331 Educational Law (4 units)
MLS 335 Juvenile Law (4 units)
MLS 340 Business Association I – Agency (4 units)
MLS 342 Employment & Labor Law (4 units)
MLS 375 Local Government (4 units)


Capstone Courses (4 units)

MLS 399 Capstone Project (4 units)

program format

Courses are available on-ground & virtual.

academic terms

Four 11-week academic quarters are offered per year.

accepting applications

Applications are accepted for fall, winter, and summer starts.

Why Choose Our MLS Program

Our courses are available synchronously via Zoom and on campus.

Our classes are small allowing for personalized attention and networking with classmates.

Our professors are practitioners. You benefit from their knowledge and experience.

There is no LSAT requirement for entry into program.

career outlook

Your Future in Law

Our programs are designed with your goals in mind. Our Graduate program provides a Master of Legal Studies with the flexibility of choosing your own pathway to suit your needs and aspirations. With your Master’s in Legal Studies, you could consider any of these careers after your graduate studies:

Compliance Director

Legal Consultant

Federal Regulatory Agent

Court Administrator

Our professors are invested in your education.

When you arrive to class, whether it is in a classroom or through your computer, you can expect to be taught by a knowledgeable and attentive professor. Our professors are judges, lawyers, prosecutors, and defense attorneys with broad experience in the practice and administration of the law. They know the law. They are professionals in their field and can share their insight.

featured faculty

Matthew Reynolds, Dean

Mr. Reynolds holds a degree from the UCLA School of Law, where he was Law Review Editor, and a bachelor’s degree from U.C. Berkeley. Prior to becoming Dean, Reynolds was an attorney at several local law firms specializing in civil employment litigation.

The Honorable Richard Vlavianos

Honorable Richard Vlavianos began his legal career with the San Joaquin Country District Attorney’s Office, where he served as a deputy district attorney for thirteen years. During his tenure, Vlavianos supervised the D.A.’s Narcotics Unit. Vlavianos has been a proponent of the collaborative courts as well as rehabilitative programs. He established a DUI prevention program called Choices and Consequences, that uses prisoners and collaborative court attendees to help educate students on the dangers of alcohol and drug use. He also established a Truancy Court and helped to revamp the Proposition 36 system for the Superior Court.

Steps for Admission

Your future in the legal field is within reach with Drivon School of Law. Our enrollment process is simple and our staff walk you through every step of the way.

Learn more about our admissions process and admissions requirements.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available. Student account specialists will work with you one-on-one to determine your financial aid options.