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Liberal Studies

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Offering a wide scope of subjects for a well-rounded foundation, our Liberal Studies program opens doors to a number of careers requiring a bachelor’s degree.  This degree was designed with aspiring elementary school teachers in mind.  Since the degree includes a wide variety of subjects, graduates are provided with a liberal studies foundation that helps them thrive in their post-graduate endeavors.
Our Liberal Studies program also prepares graduates to be successful in pursuit of a California teaching credential, including the Multiple Subject Credential offered at Humphreys.  With its emphases in the social behavioral sciences and the humanities, our baccalaureate degree also prepares students for graduate programs in education, liberal studies, and law.

Cynthia Becerra

Ms. Becerra is the Dean of Instruction and Chair for Liberal Studies.  She has been with Humphreys since 1982.  Ms. Becerra graduated from California State University, Sacramento and received a Master of Arts in English and Literature.

Richard Chabot

Dr. Chabot is our Professor of Sociology and Coordinator of Community Studies.  Dr. Chabot has taught at HU since 1996 and has directed the Community Studies program since 1998.  Dr. Chabot attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where he earned his Ph.D. in Sociology.

Stanislav Perkner

Dr. Perkner teaches for the Liberal Studies department.  He has taught at Humphreys since 1998 and has served as Director of the Library and Learning Center since 2001.  He earned his Ph.D. in History from Comenius University in Czechoslovakia.

Linda Mottison

Ms. Mottison is our Assistant Professor in Liberal Arts.  She has taught at Humphreys since 2003 and teaches on our Modesto campus.  She earned her Master of Science in Education from National University.

Leslie Walton

Ms. Walton is our Assistant Professor in Liberal Arts.  She has taught at Humphreys since 2005.  She earned her Master of Business Administration and her Master of Arts in English from National University.

Crystal Hootman

Ms. Hootman is our Assistant Professor in Liberal Arts.  She teaches many of our science and math courses under the Liberal Studies department.  She attended California State University, Sacramento for her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees in geology.  She is an avid road cyclist and likes to spend time in nature, hiking and camping.

What You’ll Learn

  • Effective written and oral communication
  • Social and behavioral sciences
  • Humanities
  • Mathematics
  • Life Sciences

What You’ll Take

Bachelor of Arts

Degree Requirements

Associate in Arts

Degree Requirements

What You’ll Earn

Bachelor of Arts

Associate in Arts

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Your Future in Liberal Studies

Our programs are designed with your goals in mind. Our Liberal Studies graduates have a comprehensive knowledge of varied subjects. Your options with a Liberal Studies degree encompass many fields thanks to its strong foundation. Consider any of these careers in Liberal Studies:

  • Teacher
  • Counselor
  • Editor
  • Researcher