Liberal Studies

Surround yourself with opportunities with a degree in Liberal Studies from Humphreys University.

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Liberal Studies

Program Format: On-Ground & Online

If you graduated from a California Community College with an AA-T (CSU or UC pattern) in any major, you are already halfway through our bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies.

Our Liberal Studies program is designed to provide graduates with a well-rounded education in communications, humanities, social and behavioral sciences, mathematics, and natural sciences. Since the degree imparts breadth in its scope of subjects, graduates are provided with a liberal studies foundation that affords them the opportunity to thrive in a variety of careers requiring a degree as a requisite for advancement in business or education. The bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies also prepares students for graduate programs in education, liberal studies, and law.

At Humphreys University, we educate motivated and determined students who desire a practical, affordable, and accessible academic program. To accommodate our working students, we offer our courses online, evenings, and in hybrid formats. We operate on an eleven-week quarter system with four quarters per year. You can start the Liberal Studies program at the start of any of our four terms. The application process is easy and financial aid specialists are available to walk you through the financial aid process.


Students in the Liberal Studies program will…

  • Understand how to state clearly and support with evidence well-reasoned positions;
  • Be able to identify the common and divergent artistic, philosophical, and religious expressions of world societies;
  • Develop a national and global understanding of the interrelationships of individual and social forces that have given rise to political, social, and individual developments;
  • Understand the scope, terminology, methodology, and applications of the natural sciences and the benefits and risks of the interaction between humans and nature;
  • Have the ability to think critically and to use research techniques and methods as part of the habit of life-long learning.

units for Associate's Degree

units for Bachelor's Degree

Program Highlights

Students will refine written and oral presentations to reflect a keen sense of audience needs and expectations relevant to the rhetorical context.

We accept transfer units from all accredited institutions to enable students to complete their degree faster.

Our Liberal Studies prepares graduates to be successful in pursuit of a California teaching credential, including the multiple subject credential.

Your Future in Liberal Studies

Our programs are designed with your goals in mind. Our Liberal Studies graduates have a comprehensive knowledge of varied subjects. Your options with a Liberal Studies degree encompass many fields thanks to its strong foundation. Consider any of these careers in Liberal Studies:

• Teacher

• Counselor

• Editor

• Researcher

• Non-profit Manager

Meet Our Faculty

When you arrive to class, whether it is in a classroom or through your computer, you can expect to be taught by a knowledgeable and attentive professor. Our professors understand what real-world experience to incorporate into classroom lectures, assignments, and case studies. Humphreys University prides itself on offering a well-rounded set of courses taught in a small and personable environment so you get the guidance and support you need to succeed.

Cynthia Becerra

Ms. Becerra is the Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Chair for Liberal Studies. She has been with Humphreys since 1982. Ms. Becerra graduated from California State University, Sacramento and received a Master of Arts in English and Literature.

Richard Chabot

Dr. Chabot is our Professor of Sociology and Coordinator of Community Studies. Dr. Chabot has taught at HU since 1996 and has directed the Community Studies program since 1998. Dr. Chabot attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where he earned his Ph.D. in Sociology.

Financial Aid Available

Let us help you obtain the financial resources you need to succeed.

The purpose of financial aid is to provide financial assistance to students who without such aid, would be unable to pursue higher education. We help by guiding you through the financial aid process. We help make your educational dreams a reality. Our financial aid staff are available and ready to answer your questions or concerns, by phone, in person, or by email. No appointment is necessary. Humphreys University is approved for the training of Veterans.

To apply for financial aid, fill out the FAFSA and include our school code: 001212