Library & Learning Center

Here to offer support. 

The Library serves students, faculty, and the community on campus. Visitors are able to use study rooms and access the library’s databases. The Learning Center provides students with tutoring help and support in various subjects including English, accounting, and math.


Databases are searchable collections of information–some are very broad in nature, while others are for specific subjects. Most databases help you find articles published in scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers. Some databases help you find primary sources, while others help you find books, technical standards, media sources, and more.

The following databases are available for HU students:
(Login information can be obtained from the Library)

A to Z Maps Online
Electronic Card Catalog
Electronic Card Catalog (Admin)
EBSCO Research Database
Global Road Warrior

Materials & resources available

Students have access to varied services and materials to help support their academic success.  The Library & Learning Center offers the following:

  • Books, newspapers, journals, magazines, pamphlets
  • Audio-visual recordings
  • Electronic card catalog
  • Tutoring Center
  • Two computer labs with Internet access
  • Writing lab
  • Reference service
  • Break-out rooms for study groups

Meet the Library & Learning Center Team

Dr. Donna Roberts

Tite: Associate Dean
Stockton & Modesto
[email protected]
Phone: (209) 235-2907

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