Administrative Services

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Administrative Services oversees financial and business operations and provides all necessary services to ensure the educational process is run in a safe and well-equipped environment.

All of the administrative departments work in collaboration and coordination to ensure students have an exceptional college experience. We are responsible for the following administrative departments: Admissions, Business Services, Career Services, Computer Services, Human Relations, International Programs, Security & Maintenance, and Student Services.

If there is a problem with our administrative offices that you feel is not being resolved to your satisfaction, we encourage you to the Director of Administrative Services, Carrie Castillon. You can also e-mail the Director of Administrative Services for administrative issues or concerns.

What we do

Provide leadership, direction and overall coordination of fiscal and administrative services.

Utilize effective and efficient practices to support the university in achieving its mission to meet the needs of a diverse academic community.

Work with all administrative office to create a quality environment where students are served. 

Available to address student account information, marketing and outreach, and business related issues.

Meet the Administrative Services Team

Carrie Castillon

Tite: Director of Administrative Services
[email protected]
Phone: (209) 478-0800

All Student Services

Forms & Documents

Access forms & documents in one place.

You can find forms and documents for Admissions office, Student Services, and Registrar’s office here.

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