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Humphreys University admits students from all across the globe. We believe that a campus with intermingling cultures is important in an educational institution. Those students who are interested in one of our programs are encouraged to complete an application as early as possible due to space limitations.

Personalized Attention

Humphreys is a private nonprofit school with a focus on our students. If you do not want to be lost with crowded classes, Humphreys is perfect. Students can get the help and guidance they need without feeling intimidated and overwhelmed. If you have difficulty with a particular class, there is help. There is always help- for free. We are all about personalized attention.

Student Support

The staff and faculty of Humphreys University are committed to your academic success. Classes are small and the teaching is personalized and friendly. We offer a wealth of support services to help you achieve your goals and ensure your higher education is within reach.

Steps for Admission

Here you can read about our admissions process. Your higher education is within reach. Our quarters begin every 13 weeks. Apply today to start your future with Humphreys University.

1. Submit application.

Submit the Humphreys University International Student Application online along with non-refundable applicable fee.

2. Provide financial support statement.

Provide financial support statement. 

3. Submit transcripts.

Submit evidence of high school graduation or GED completion and transcripts from all previous colleges and universities.

4. Provide English test scores.

Provide TOEFL or MTELP test scores.

5. Submit letter of recommendation.

Submit a letter of recommendation from a non-family member.

6. Register for courses.

Register for first quarter courses with an admission counselor.


Explore our academic programs. We offer Associate, Bachelor, Masters and Juris Doctor degree programs.

Tuition & Fees

Our costs are clear. Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Learn more about costs and fees.

Contact a Counselor

Admissions counselors are available to address any questions. Submit your inquiry today.

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