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No matter how far, your education is still in reach.

Humphreys University admits students from all across the globe. We believe that a campus with intermingling cultures is important in an educational institution. Those students who are interested in one of our programs are encouraged to complete an application as early as possible due to space limitations.


International Student Admissions

We have various paths for international students. For students acclimated with English and proficient in its usage, we recommend integrating into the standard university program. For students who need additional help with English in reading, writing, and speaking, we offer an English Language Program which builds the students’ skills and prepares them for academic success in a university setting.


English Language Program

For international students interested in the English Language Program, contact the Director of Special Programs at (209) 235-2906. Those accepted into the program will receive resources, assistance, and advice from an International Advisor who can guide you through the enrollment process and beyond.


Special Programs for International Students

Humphreys University has special programs for international students on campuses in Stockton, Sacramento, and City of Industry.  Students interested in special programs should contact program coordinators and recruiters for each campus. For additional assistance, students may contact the Director of Special Programs at (209) 235-2906.


Humphreys University for International Students

For international students looking to enter the standard university program, please contact Maria Garcia-Woodill at (209) 235-2902.

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