Our Faculty

Meet the Faculty Team

Our full-time faculty members are available to students for course planning, counseling, tutoring, and support. We care about your overall well-being and are here to support your success.

In class, you can expect to see an attentive and knowledgeable professor one hundred percent of the time. Humphreys University prides itself on classes that are taught by full-time faculty and professors who are experts in their fields. When you arrive to class, whether it is in a classroom or through your computer, you can expect to be taught by a knowledgeable and attentive professor. Humphreys University prides itself on offering a well-rounded set of courses taught by experienced professors with professional degrees who are dedicated to your future.

Jess Bonds, Ed. D.

Dean of Graduate Studies, Director of Teacher Credentialing

Cynthia Becerra

Dean of Undergraduate Studies &
Chair, Criminal Justice & Liberal Arts

Lisa Kooren

Dean of Institutional Research &
Director of Modesto Campus

Donna Roberts, Ed. D.

Associate Dean &
Chair, Early Childhood Education

Jason Wolins, JD, MBA

Chair, Business

Linda Rahmoller

Assistant Professor, Business

Kay D. Reindl, CSR 6320, CRI

Chair, Court Reporting

Pamela Closs, BA, CRI

Instructor, Court Reporting

Beverly Clark, Ed. D

Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education

Robert Humphreys, Jr., Ph.D.

Interim Chair, Legal Studies

Crystal Hootman

Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts

Linda Mottison

Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts

Leslie Walton

Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts