Humphreys University Senior Leadership Team & Administration is responsible for executing the University strategic plan through leadership of all areas on campus, coordinating and facilitating quality internal and external communication and collaboration, ensuring effective and responsible management of all University resources, engaging with the Board of Trustees on all institutional matters, and acting as key institutional liaisons with external groups, donors and friends.

Senior Team & Administration

Robert G. Humphreys, Jr.

Cynthia S. Becerra
Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Rita Franco
Director of Financial Aid

Wendy Campigli

Matthew Reynolds
Dean of the Law School

Lisa Kooren
Dean of Institutional Research, Director of Modesto Campus

Santa Lopez-Minatre
Director of Admissions 

Jess Bonds

Donna Roberts
Associate Dean of Academic Administration

Carrie Castillon
Director of Administrative Services

Board of Trustees

Humphreys University Trustees are visionary leaders in business, law, and education who are also are alumni, educators, distinguished citizens, and friends of Humphreys. The Board of Trustees exercises fiduciary responsibility for advancing Humphreys’ mission and goals in a sustainable manner, through wise stewardship of all its resources for the common good and for generations to come. The Board holds a public trust: to guard the University’s integrity, to ensure that it fulfills the purposes for which it was established, and to preserve its physical and financial assets.


Ronald Guntert, Jr., Chairperson
Douglass Wilhoit, Vice Chairperson
David Silva, Treasurer
Honorable Jose Alva
Carla Donaldson
Blair Hake
Rupert Hall
Charlynn Harless
Dr. Robert G. Humphreys, Jr., President
Susan Lofthus
Larry Phillip​
Jerome Clay
Antoinette Duron
Mario Fimbrez
Gretchen Salvetti

Ort Lofthus, Trustee Emeritus


Trustees Emeriti

Ort Loftus
Laurence Drivon

Contact the Board

[email protected]

The Board of Trustees
Humphreys University
c/o Board Secretary
6650 Inglewood Avenue
Stockton, California 95207