Tuition & Fees

The Schedule of Tuition & Fees are adjusted every July 1. All fees are subject to change upon 30 days’ notice. The University reserves the right to change courses and/or subjects without notice. The University reserves the right to terminate enrollment at any time for failure to pay fees timely or for unsatisfactory scholastic progress.

Information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

Tuition & Fees

Application Fee

A non-refundable $40 application fee is charged for entrance into each program – Undergraduate and Graduate (Master’s and Law). The application fee for a non-resident of the U.S. (see schedule item #8) is $200.


Program, Tuition Per Unit 
• Undergraduate Programs, $410
• Master of Arts in Education Program (MAEd), $350
• Graduate Programs (MBA, MLS, MSTC & MAT), $430
• Law Program at Drivon School of Law, $575

There is a 4 unit – $1,640 minimum unit charge. 12.5 to 16 units are discounted to the 12 unit rate. 16.5 units and over is again charged at the per unit rate of $410 above the discounted 12.5 to 16 unit rate. For example: 17 units = $5,330 tuition, $4,920, (16 units) + $410 (1 unit). The undergraduate tuition rate of $410 per unit will be charged for all coursework, undergraduate and graduate, in the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with Multiple Subject Education concentration.

Court Reporting:
Ev360 lab fees of $103 are charged one time per quarter for non-theory machine classes and are non-refundable. Machine classes are charged at the rate of $275 per quarter unit.

The MAT program is charged at a rate of $430 per quarter unit. All MAEd courses taken in conjunction with the MAT program are charged at a rate of $350 per quarter unit. MAEd tuition is guaranteed at the current rate upon entry while continuously enrolled. Inactive MAEd students who return after more than three quarters’ absence will be charged at the current rate.

Auditing A Class

An audit means to take a course for no credit. No assignments are expected of an auditor nor will a grade be given in an audited course. Current and former students may audit previously completed courses at no charge.

Repeating A Class

The regular tuition rate will be applied to all repeated classes.


Refunds of tuition will be made in accordance with the schedule below. The amount of refund will be computed as of the date of withdrawal. The date of withdrawal for the purpose of computing any tuition refund will be the date the Change of Schedule Request is received by the Registrar’s Office. Scheduled classes are counted from the first day of the quarter.

A holiday falling within the first six weeks of the quarter does not extend the refund period.

On or before Friday of the first week of scheduled classes…100%
After Friday of the first week of scheduled classes, but on or before Friday of the second week…90%
After Friday of the second week of scheduled classes, but on or before Friday of the third week…50%
After Friday of the third week of scheduled classes, but on or before Friday of the sixth week…25%


No refunds will be made after the beginning of the seventh (7th) week of classes. Date of enrollment has no affect on refund period. Refunds are calculated from the first (1st) day of the quarter, not from when the class first meets.

Seminars and workshops for which no units or grade is awarded are not eligible for any refund.


All veteran students who completely withdraw for the quarter are subject to a pro rata tuition refund scale. Students who withdraw past 60% of the quarter are not entitled to a tuition refund. Tuition fees are waived for any service member or reservists who must leave the university temporarily or need to suspend their studies due to military duty.


Books may be purchased from the eCampus online bookstore. Visit Book vouchers are available for eligible students. Contact Student Services.


There is a charge of $6 per official transcript. No diploma will be issued nor will any notation of degree conferral be posted on unofficial/official transcripts when there is an unpaid balance due and payable to the University.

Non-Resident of the U.S. Fees

Applicants for admission who are non-residents (not U.S. citizens) or who are not permanent residents of the U.S. are accepted for periods of not less than one academic year. For additional information, please contact an admission counselor.

Commencement Fees

Fees are non-refundable once garments and diploma(s) are ordered.

Commencement Fee (All inclusive)  $100
Replacement Diploma  $20
Non-participant (Diploma only)  $25
Shipping & Handling $15

Service Charge

A service charge of $25 per quarter is charged to all accounts not paid in full by Friday of finals week.

Testing Fees

The charge to challenge a class for credit is $100. For other individually administered exams the University reserves the right to charge.

Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA) Fee Internships/Student Teaching courses in the Teacher Credentialing Programs include a $150 assessment fee per TPA cycle.