Which Major/Program should you choose based on your personality?

Looking to expand on your education? Maybe you want to re-enter the job force or have freshly graduated from high school or junior college and excited to see your next steps?

Choosing a major that can move you to the next stepping stone in life is not a minor decision. The number of options out there can seem overwhelming at first.

Here at Humphreys University, we offer a variety of majors and programs that can fit many personality types and job interests.



If you’ve got a knack for numbers then accounting may be for you. Those who are looking into a major in accounting should note that they’ll need to be meticulous about details and should be able to account (no pun intended) for your work. Accounting work takes honesty, clear communication, and a constantly curious and learning mind. After college, whether you land in a career as a bookkeeper, budget analyst, CPA, or another in-house style accountant, one can expect a 9-5 job inside of an office. According to The Honor Society, degrees in accounting are not only a lucrative decision but a practical one.


Business – Business Administration

Those who lean toward the business major are natural leaders. Those suited for this major most likely exuding charisma and must be go-getters with high confidence levels. If you thrive off passion and ideas, then you should highly consider the business major. Whether you dream of starting your own business or managing an existing one, choosing a career in business can be a gratifying decision. There is a great deal of risk in starting a business, but this, more than likely excites you than deters you.


Community Studies

Community studies are great for people who love history or diving into cultures. As this major is research driven it will help if you are proud and have a natural curiosity of your community and its roots. If behavioral studies and sociology are interests to you but want to focus on the community you are in, then Community Studies may be your path. There is an array of jobs available to those with a degree in Community Studies. Careers in social work and public administration are options since you will be an expert in local policies and history.


Court Reporting

Have you been guilty of binge-watching Law and Order? Well, court reporting is like attending a live taping of the show. Of course, you’d be taking notes the whole time and your courthouse may not be as dynamic and dramatic as Hollywood’s. The ideal candidate for the Court Reporting Program is someone who is attentive, detailed, and talented in the art of grammar. According to Glassdoor, court reporters on average make an annual salary of $47,471. Another perk is that Court Reporters get to dictate their own schedule since they are independently contracted.


Criminal Justice

For those who appreciate honesty and enjoy a healthy adrenaline rush may look into majoring in criminal justice. Integrity, patience, and empathy are some traits of successful criminal justice students. Keep in mind that a strong stomach may serve you well since careers in criminal justice can range from police officers to blood splatter analysts. College Board emphasizes that criminal justice student’s will, “explore every aspect of crime, the law, and the justice system.” Criminal Justice majors have many career options after graduation. From police officers to crime scene investigators or private detectives to CIA agents, the opportunities all depend on the ambition and job style you may be looking for after graduation.


Legal Studies – Law

Dedicated and loyal are just some of the traits of the type of person who should look into a career in legal studies. Legal studies are for those who believe in what is right and just and don’t mind finding any which way to dig through research to prove your point. As someone who is determined to stand up for what they believe in, you can find careers as a judge or a lawyer or even social work.


Liberal Studies

Are you reading this article and finding that you like too many things? Or maybe feeling just a tad indecisive on the future. Liberal Arts majors are curious about all things and like to be in the know. The greatest things about Liberal Arts are that the possibilities are endless. Monster.com lists multiple jobs for liberal arts degrees, ranging from human resources, software developer, and advertising. As you explore classes, it’s good to keep a note of the ones you enjoy and look to see what careers can stem from those subjects.    


Teaching – Education – Early Childhood Education

Did you ever get enjoyment out of tutoring a friend? Teaching and education are made for giving personalities. Those who possess patience and empathy would be well-suited as a teacher. Of course, a lot of time is spent on developing lesson plans and grading.   A degree in education can lead to a career path as teachers, principals, or superintendents. You can also specialize in Early Childhood Education which focuses on the developmental stages of toddlers and infants. Education can be a rewarding career choice if you value guiding and nurturing children. On top of that, there’s also the perk of getting summer and holidays off.

Whether you’re returning to school after a long hiatus or coming straight out of high school or junior college, setting yourself on a path based off your major can feel set in stone. But you should also feel rewarded as you are taking the next steps to expand your knowledge and opportunity. It’s imperative to choose one that matches your passions and personalities. For more information on any of these Majors or programs that are offered at Humphreys University the Academics page: https://humphreysadmin.wpengine.com/academics/








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