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Quarantine Time-Wasters

Linda Mottison and her Spring 2020 PSY 100 Student Success Class examine their quranatine experiences.


Our phones are not our enemies, they can be our friend. In our PSY 100 class we had a discussion of what some time wasters were during this quarantine time. I think we all had a good laugh. There is no doubt about it, most people are glued to their phones during this stay-at-home time, but what was realized was that most students did not like what was happening to them.


Worst offense was using their phone to check social media at bedtime. Before you know it, 3-hours have passed, and it only seemed like 10-minutes. Best advice from students was to put your phone away before you go to bed, also, get out of the house and get some exercise.


• EP says he checks his phone constantly, it feels like he checks it 24/7 and it is a big distraction, in fact if he does not check it, he gets anxiety

• AH social media is a time waster, but says working out helps her feel relaxed

• HA says she usually wants to be lazy but now she feels like she needs to be productive or she will go nuts

• MC says this quarantine has made her a chef because social media has provided a lot of recipes, she also says she gets distracted by social media

• RF says playing games and social media on her phone are time wasters, but she is getting better, she is now exercising outside and feeling the sun on her face makes her feel better

• GP says being lazy is a time waster

• RA says Social media and Pinterest are time wasters

• Several people have been binge watching TV and Netflix shows


I’m Linda

Linda Mottison is Assistant Professor for the Business department. She works on the Modesto campus and has been working at Humphreys University for over a decade.