Multiple Subject Credential Program

Vision Statement

The Humphreys College Credential Program will provide the high-quality training and experience necessary to qualify candidates for the California Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential. The SB2042 Credential will prepare candidates for teaching responsibilities in self-contained classroom settings at the elementary and middle school levels (K-8) with responsibility for instruction in several subject areas. The Humphreys College Teacher Preparation Program is designed to prepare candidates for the challenges and opportunities of teaching California’s highly diverse student population. The program provides a strong, research-based foundation in both the academic and practical aspects of teaching in multi-ethnic and English learner classrooms. Integrated coursework and hands-on teaching experiences emphasize effective, result-oriented teaching strategies, differentiated instruction, and the practical, real-world skills necessary to manage classrooms within differing organizational structures (e.g., combination classes and block classes).

The fundamental purpose of the teacher preparation program is to develop the next generation of teachers, who by nature will be responsible for educating our children and helping to create productive citizens in a democracy. As such, teacher candidates are held to the highest levels of professional and ethical conduct.

The credential program strives to admit only candidates who have demonstrated through the application process that they possess the important characteristics necessary to be successful educators, including respect for all individuals and understanding of the importance of culture and diversity, a commitment to working collaboratively with others and to lifelong learning, appropriate depth and breadth of knowledge, and skills that inform the teaching of others, and a strong ethical character demonstrating integrity, honesty, fairness, compassion, and impartiality.


This graduate program can be done as a stand-alone credential program or combined with a Masters in Education with an emphasis in Teaching by taking only twelve additional units. A candidate must meet both the Graduate Program and Credential Program requirements for admission. Please click on the links below for more information or contact the Program Coordinator.

Donna Roberts
Department Chair of Graduate Studies
(209) 235-2934
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