Juris Doctor
Master of Legal Studies

Our Juris Doctor prepares students for the California State Bar Examination and the practice of law. Many law students secure a legal education to assist them in business, civic, and related pursuits. Our Master of Legal Studies is a graduate legal degree for those who interact professionally with the law, but who are not seeking to become lawyers themselves. Tuition varies per program and fees are minimal and clear-cut.

Juris Doctor

Our juris doctor is designed to instill an understanding of law as well as analytical skills developed through a combination of scholastic and practical education. The Drivon School of Law recognizes its students to be as potential shapers of law and social policy as well as practitioners of law.

Program Requirements

The curriculum is designed to offer students a strong foundation in a variety of legal principles. The first two years of study prepare students for more advanced law classes, while developing their skills in communication, organization, and articulation. Courses in the third and fourth years continue to develop and refine the students’ expertise in interpreting and applying legal theories.

First Year

LAW 100 Intro to Law/Legal Writing (3 units)
LAW 101 Legal Research and Writing I (3 units)
LAW 110/111/112 Contracts I/II/III (9 units)
LAW 120/121/122 Torts I/II/III (9 units)
LAW 130/131 Criminal Law I/II (6 units)

Second Year

LAW 201/202/203 Property I/II/III (9 units)
LAW 210/211/212 Civil Procedure I/II/III (9 units)
LAW 220/221 Evidence I/II (6 units)
LAW 230 Professional Responsibility (3 units)

Third Year

LAW 310/311/312 Constitutional I/II/III (9 units)
LAW 320 Wills (3 units)
LAW 321 Trusts (3 units)
LAW 331 Community Property (3 units)
LAW 410/411 Criminal Procedure I/II (6 units)

Fourth Year

LAW 340/341 Business Associations I/II (6 units)
LAW 350/351 Remedies I/II (6 units)
LAW 430 Advanced Legal Writing (3 units)


Elective Courses (24 units)

Electives Available:

LAW 330 Family Law (3 units)
LAW 432 Advanced Legal Analysis (3 units)
LAW 440 Income Tax (3 units)
LAW 460 Sales (3 units)
LAW 471 Criminal Trial Practice (3 units)
LAW 472 Civil Trial Practice (3 units)
LAW 474 Moot Court (3 units)
LAW 505 Administrative Law (3 units)
LAW 510 Alternative Dispute Resolution (3 units)
LAW 515 Bankruptcy (3 units)
LAW 531 Educational Law (3 units)
LAW 535 Juvenile Law (3 units)
LAW 542 Employment & Labor Law (3 units)
LAW 550 Workers’ Compensation (3 units)
LAW 565 Advanced Torts (3 units)
LAW 575 Local Government (3 units)
LAW 610 Special Problems in Law (1-5 units)

Why Choose Our JD Program

Our courses are available synchronously via Zoom and on campus.

Our classes are small allowing for personalized attention and networking with classmates.

Our professors are practitioners. You benefit from their knowledge and experience.

Our law school accepts transfer students from other institutions.

Our student account specialists will work with you one-on-one to determine your financial aid options.

Master of Legal Studies

The Master of Legal Studies graduate program can be beneficial to professionals in a variety of fields and other occupational, vocational, or professional endeavors that involve negotiations, regulations, or working with legal issues including: Healthcare, Compliance, Business, Education, Law Enforcement, Public Administration, Government Regulation, and Social Services.

Program Requirements

The course requirements generally follow the pattern of the first year of law school, with a focus on contracts and torts. The program is a total of 40 units and can be completed part or full time in one to two years.

Core Courses

MLS 300 Introduction to Law/Legal Writing (4 units)
MLS 301 Legal Research and Writing (4 units)
MLS 310 Contracts I (4 units)
MLS 311 Contracts II (4 units)
MLS 312 Contracts III (4 units)
MLS 320 Torts I (4 units)
MLS 321 Torts II (4 units)
MLS 322 Torts III (4 units)

Capstone Project

MLS 399 Capstone Project (4 units)

Capstone Elective

Capstone Elective (4 units)


MLS 330 Family Law (4 units)
MLS 331 Educational Law (4 units)
MLS 335 Juvenile Law (4 units)
MLS 340 Business Association I – Agency (4 units)
MLS 342 Employment & Labor Law (4 units)
MLS 345 Sales (4 units)
MLS 355 Bankruptcy (4 units)
MLS 375 Local Government (4 units)

Drivon School of Law

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Quarter Begins

Winter: January 2, 2024
Summer: July 1, 2024
Fall: September 30, 2024



The Drivon School of Law provides the opportunity for a legal education for students with varying backgrounds and experiences. The program is designed to instill in its students an understanding of law as well as analytical skills developed through a combination of scholastic and practical education.

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