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Humphreys University is committed to providing personalized assistance to our current law or MLS students. Student Services and academic support information and links are at your fingertips so you can strive to be the best student inside and outside the classroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does grading work?

The school uses a numerical system of grading, with the highest grade being 100. A 70 GPA is required for automatic advancement; 60 to receive credit for any class; and any grade below 60 is a failure. A grade of 59 or below in any class is failing and does not count toward graduation. A few classes are graded on a Pass/Fail basis and are so identified. These classes will not be computed in the weighted grade point average; however, passing of such classes is required to continue into the next year or to graduate.

How do I access forms and documents?

Online fillable forms for students can be found here.

Do you have career development services?

Career development services are available free of charge to all graduating students and alumni. Students may seek assistance with résumés and cover letter preparation, job search skills, and interview techniques. Call the Law School Office at 209-235-2905 for more information.  Students are also provided with access to the Handshake career development portal.

Are there any student associations?

The Drivon School of Law Student Bar Association is the major channel of communication among the law students, faculty, and administration. Acting through elected officers and class representatives, it provides a mechanism through which students can organize efforts for educational and social activities. Call the Law School Office at 209-235-2905 for more information.

Who is the Certifying Official (SCO) for veteran students?

Maria Garcia-Woodill is the SCO. She can be contacted at [email protected].

How do I request transcripts?

To request an official transcript, visit here.
To request an unofficial transcript, visit here.

Should I complete forms for graduation?

Yes, information about graduation is available here.

What time are classes?

Classes are from 6:40-9:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday.

What time is the library open?

The library is available  5:30-9:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday.

How do you pay for tuition?

You can pay over the phone by calling 209-478-0800. You can pay online through your student account on Populi.

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Registration opens on the 7th week of the quarter for the following term. Registrations are not final until they are processed through the Law School Registrar.

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Quarter Begins

Winter: January 2, 2024
Summer: July 1, 2024
Fall: September 30, 2024



The Drivon School of Law provides the opportunity for a legal education for students with varying backgrounds and experiences. The program is designed to instill in its students an understanding of law as well as analytical skills developed through a combination of scholastic and practical education.

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