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Five Reasons Getting Your MBA is a Good Idea

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most sought-after higher education degrees. One reason is that many opportunities open up for a graduate of an MBA program, resulting in a substantial return on investment.

Along with preparing students with the education and skill set to handle real-world business challenges, an MBA program provides a deep insight into what a student will need to be successful in a business environment.

In addition, here are five more reasons why you should get an MBA degree:


1. Skills To Take With You

An MBA program is in-depth and interactive. You fine-tune your knowledge of business academics, but almost as importantly, you learn both soft and hard skills that you can take with you to an abundance of roles out in the job market.


2. Higher Employment Rate and Possibilities

Hard work is at the core of the MBA program, but rest assured, it definitely pays off. There are corporations that do not consider candidates without MBA degrees.

Not only does an MBA degree allow for more opportunities and possibilities, employers are more likely to hire a candidate with an MBA. A Master of Business Administration degree also provides a greater amount of job security.


3. Networking

Though networking is probably the last element you may have thought of when considering to pursue an MBA, the brick-and-mortar classroom setting provides a great opportunity to meet new, like-minded people.

Both you and your classmates have connections which may be useful to help each other.


4. Working In Teams and Building Them

Business is certainly a team effort. Even if you primarily work on your own, you still are part of a department that relies on your efforts. In an MBA program, the majority of your time will be spent collaborating with classmates who become your teammates.

You also will learn how to build teams—a skill and ability that comes out of working in many different types of groups. The skill set you learn from working in teams and building them is invaluable.


5. Communication

Communication is fundamental. Effective communication in a business environment is vital and a skill that is sought out by employers. You will find that communication is at the core of being successful within your program and with your classmates. Being able to effectively communicate is one of the many valued skills you will gain in an MBA program.



If you’ve been considering or are ready to pursue an MBA degree, Humphreys University is ready to ignite your future. Through Humphreys University’s on-campus MBA program, you will learn from case studies, practical business projects, and committed faculty members who have real-world experience to pass on to their students.

The Humphreys University MBA program is WSCUC accredited.



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Jason Wolins is the Business Chair. He works on the Stockton campus and has been working at Humphreys University in the faculty department for over two decades.